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It's art.. wrapped in plaaastic

I like to believe things. I like to think that ghosts exist, that there really are sea monsters, that the weather really is controlled by time-traveling chipmunks deep in the ravines of suburban Montana. But last night's Unexplained Mysteries made me scoff in my margarita.

Crop circles? Not a fan. I just don't think mini-Christo type art warrants the kind of spooky narration this show gives it. Hasn't it already been proven that it's a bunch of blokes with two-by-fours and string? Or at least these guys. Anyway, there weren't enough crop circle stories for a whole program, so they folded it in with animal mutilations. I just want to know, who goes on TV billed as a "Cattle Mutilation Expert?" I mean, really.

Oh, and? I got my COBRA paperwork today. It turns out that because of the crazy, piss-poor management that ultimately made me leave an otherwise great job, I will have to pay $550.00 a month for healthcare. Bitch. Now it's personal.

11:20 a.m. - 2004-08-01


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