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With so many lightyears to go...

I have insomnia tonight, despite all my happy-funtime-sleepy pills. Even my cats are harassing me because it's way past their bedtime. Trevor Dunnigan has been asleep for hours, but I just can't lie down. The limbs on the right side of my body are aching in a way I haven't experienced before-- my muscles are weak and all I can think about is "a stroke. I'm having a stroke. Check that one off. It's stroke time."

Now, I don't know anything about what a stroke would actually feel like, and I think the only reason I'm being blase about this is because I know I blow things way out of proportion. Although, a stroke would keep me out of the office for a while... It's harder to scapegoat a sick person. I'm kinda counting on that.

Well, in lieu of anything original from me, I will send you to read about Bush and bad science, assuming you're not already suffering from severe outrage fatigue.

Oh, I got a new cell phone, and need y'alls' opinion: What should my ringtone be: Europe's "The Final Countdown" Or BJ Thomas's "Hooked on a Feeling?"

12:55 a.m. - 2004-07-08


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