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Candle in the Wind

Today is a sad, historic day. Paul finally left the company. Nearly a year after they told him "Move to North Carolina or leave," they finally let his ass go.


You see, it's not just that they said that to all our engineers. It's that they told them they were moving everyone to North Carolina for the cohesion of the team(s). Then? After most moved from Oregon to North Carolina, at the same pay, without benefit to their families? They outsourced all their open recs for engineers to India.

Team cohesion indeed.

Paul had been with our company for 7 years, since before he was out of college. I've had long term relationships that didn't come near that longevity. That's staying power, people. Anyone got a good C++ job out there, preferrably in Portland?

4:27 p.m. - 2004-06-30


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