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Thomas Hobbes was talking about George W. Bush

There is a scene in Fahrenheit 9/11 that takes place in front of the White House. The camera is following a woman from Flint, MI named Lila. Lila lost her son in Iraq, and Moore gives her a lot of screen time to tell her story. It's pretty heart-breaking and sometimes hard to watch. In the scene at the White House, Lila walks past an old woman from Iraq, protesting the American occupation by living in a tent and showing pictures of the war. Lila stands with the Iraqi woman, commiserating about the deaths of their children, when an obnoxious lady runs up, screaming "This is all staged!!!" She continues to scream at Lila and the old woman. Finally, she shuts up long enough for Lila to say "I lost my son there."

To which the conspiracy-minded harpy wacko retorts angrily, "Where??!?!?"

Now, I'm no debate whiz, but I cannot imagine, given the circumstances, how this woman thought she was going to win the argument. What could Lila possibly have said that would allow any kind of answer, let alone the withering retort you know this woman had hoped to deliver.

As it happened, when Lila said "Karbala," the angry pro-war activist just kind of gulped and weakly mumbled "She's still lying."

It's a great and devastating movie. I know it won't cause many people to change their vote, since those who want to vote for Bush won't see it, but at least we can hope it stimulates some people who weren't intending to vote to get their asses in gear and re-defeat the nasty, swaggering dipshit that is currently running this country into the ground.

7:13 p.m. - 2004-06-27


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