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I am taking a break from my work today to reflect on an interesting parallel I have found between the management in my company and the Bush Administration. I don't mean to infer that the president of my company is an evil, lying chimpin a business suit, because she's actually more like a tamarin on coke. But what I have noticed, as the main report-creator of the company, is that-- like our illustrious dumbass in Chief-- already knows what she wants to hear. And if the reporting doesn't fit, it comes back for more work until the entire report is meaningless. And a lie. Every day I feel like I've just come back with a report that shows Hussein had nothing to do with the World Trade Center attacks. "Try again."

I live each day at work as if I'm about to get thrown to the wolves for reporting the wrong (meaning: accurate) numbers.

Now, I am not in accounting, and we are not a public company, so I don't think I'm doing anything actually illegal, but shouldn't misrepresentation be at least frowned upon? Instead of institutionalized? I don't know if anyone I work with (who cares) reads this, but I'm not afraid of being called on it. I can prove it.

4:43 p.m. - 2004-05-27


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