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Tell VH-1 I've had the best week ever!

Well, color me perturbed. It's been a fairly perturbing week all around, and it's a good thing I'm seeing the therapist on Monday. First of all, even though it happened last in the perturbing timeline, I just found out that the fancy new laptop I ordered was cancelled. By whom? No idea. Was I told? Of course not. I suspect it has to do with the Dell credit line, which the fuckers approved, so I don't know what's happened. Argh. You know, they could have just declined my application to begin with. Playing with my emotions like that. Asses.

My work week started just swimmingly, with my crazy boss calling me into a quiet meeting room and informing me that I'm officially on double secret probation, or what they call "corrective action," because evidently my work has been deemed unsatisfactory. No one else seems to think so, and nothing was mentioned in my recent performance review. I'm sure it's all because of this incident, the one where I sent out a report that my boss had been pressuring me to complete in an unrealistic amount of time. I followed her instructions to the letter, and since the recipient of the report was insanely unhappy and judgemental about it, she needed a scapegoat.

Good evening, my name is Mud, and I'll be your scapegoat for this week.

I just can't believe the bitch wrote me up. Thankfully, those people I have told about it have been reassuring me that she is actually full of shit.

And to top it all off, for the first time ever, my niece went to bed on Thursday night wishing me dead. Because, you know, I made her go to bed.

Oh, this week has made me feel so good about myself.

9:51 p.m. - 2004-05-22


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