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Fucking fuckers.

I saw Janeane Garafalo on The Daily Show and she said something I want to put on a t-shirt:

"To me, after all this administration's mistakes and crimes, a vote for Bush is a character flaw."

That is, of course, a paraphrase, but it's a great observation. And after listening to eons of fucking Rumsfeld interviews , it's true. This administration is unprecedented in its disdain for the law, the American people and the world. Why on Earth should anyone be surprised that there are rampant abuses in POW camps or prisons? Donald Rumsfeld and GW Asshat feel Americans are above the Geneva convention. Who honestly thought that, after demanding that "suspected terrorists" be held without access to a lawyer, without due process, without even being charged with anything, that prisoners would be treated with anything but brutality and torture?

I mean, really.

9:48 p.m. - 2004-05-08


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