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The cranky bride

Many people come to me and they say "Hey, you. What's all this about eloping? Huh? What? Eh? Huh?"

Yes, we eloped, and we kept it from our families. We absconded to Canada and got married by a commissioner in someone's backyard.

I know some people love a big wedding, and that's ok. Some people want a big party with all the celebratory trimmings. And they can have them. We chose otherwise.

There were no invitations to mete out, nor bridesmaid's dresses to inflict. No over-priced dress to buy a year in advance and then let out at the last hour because of too much beer. No engagement and no carat pissing-contests. No DJ to hire, no menu to compromise, no many-tiered cake. No church and no reception. No rehearsal dinners, no airport pick ups, no receiving line. No embarrassing patriarchal traditions, no family politics, no suggestive jokes and leering guests. No "how much did that cost" and no "when are you having a baby?" No first dance, no theme song, no boutonnieres. No family, no fishing net.

Just me and him.

4:50 p.m. - 2004-04-23


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