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OK, a snuff film about Jesus is getting sell out crowds to parents who bring their six year olds, but a finger-- not even a severed one-- that's immoral. Jesus Christ. Literally.

Words fail me, so instead I'm mooning Michael Powell. And preparing to flee to Canada.

I am extremely wary of the influx of "non-prescription" daily pharmaceuticals being marketed directly to consumers. As we all know, "consumers" are not the brightest of folks. They can get daily pills for hot flashes, erections and fatigue, among other things. Lord love a duck, them pharmaceutical companies are greedy motherfuckers. And by making them "non-prescription," insurance companies are guaranteed NOT to COVER them! Take it from me, a confirmed pill-popper, you do NOT want to get started on one-a-day pills.

Especially ones that don't even get you high!

9:22 p.m. - 2004-03-24


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