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There's Scrooge, there's Grinch, and then there's Her

This past weekend, I saw a 54 year old woman lie about a restaurant's balloon availability so she could deny the three year old birthday girl a balloon.

That birthday girl was my niece. That woman was Estelle. She had grabbed a balloon for my nephew, Estelle's favorite, and lied to the family that it was the last balloon, so my niece, who now wanted a balloon, couldn't have one. "Nononoit'sthelastballoonit'sthelastballoon!!!Shecan'thaveonebecausethisisthelastone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

My mother then went back in the restaurant and returned seconds later with a balloon for the birthday girl.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ. Whoever coined the phrase Bitch Be Crazy was talking about Estelle.

12:48 p.m. - 2004-03-22


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