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I am coming off a particularly stressful low blood sugar incident, so this entry may be both aggressive, stupid and nonsensical. Luckily, this time I didn't throw a coke at anyone. I do sense, however, that I may have given a coworker some bad business advice. Oops.

My insulin reactions used to be kind of fun. Sort of dream-like and stoney, like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which I saw last nigh in a sneak preview and thoroughly enjoyed. Jim Carrey is-- and you may want to sit down for this news-- really good in this movie. I normally put Jim Carrey in with Robin Williams and Dana Carvey, all comedians whose wacky on-screen antics leave me cold. But in his latest movie, Jim Carrey is low-key and subtle and (dare I say it?) kinda cute.

In other news, I think I am slowly reverting back to childhood. Not only do I feel like throwing tantrums all the time and needing afternoon naps, I also have a nearly overwhelming urge to pick my nose.

But I don't eat it, I swear.

4:43 p.m. - 2004-03-11


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