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Jeg ikke i Norge, damnit.

No, I haven't run off to Oslo. Man, I am just so good at disappointing people, I really should get a job on a game show. Can't I do that? Become a has-been without ever having actually been? That's what Bret Somers did, isn't it?

The pharmaceutical issue has been solved, somewhat. I still haven't gotten the damn pills in the mail, but I was given a weeks supply of samples from my doctor.

(Actually, she gave me two weeks worth, but my doses are so high I have to double the pills I take. Does that make me a bad-ass, or just over-medicated?)

I have started to go to the gym again. Man, you take two months off to lounge around and eat a lot of crap, and all of a sudden you can't fit into your fat pants and that workout is hard. I don't think I go often enough for me to be able to lose any weight, since I only go twice a week and basically just walk, but maybe it will keep me from having to buy *new* fat pants.

I fear the thought of new fat pants.

I think that, and a good cry I had with Trevor Dunnigan on Monday night, has helped me to try to get my ass in gear at least a little. I've got a pedicure appt on Friday, and my hair is getting cut on the Friday after that, and Trevor and I are planning a weekend getaway this weekend and a longer, Canadian get away in April. Trevor Dunnigan wants to go skiing at Whistler, but that sounds like way too much work (and may require chains on my tires). I'd rather go to Vancouver (and meet up with a certain buddy for a rousing verse of Hava Nagila, perhaps?) and then Victoria, where I can bask in the gardens and drink tea.

So, off to the gym, then. Walkies!!!

4:39 p.m. - 2004-02-26


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