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The wall has been hit

While babysitting my niece and nephew today, I hit a milestone I never wanted to hit.

We were outside, enjoying the sunshine while it lasted. The dog was running around like a maniac, the boy was egging her on, and the princess was ordering me around. Everything was normal, until...

I realized my butt is too big to fit in the playstructure slide. It made both children laugh, but their laughter did not touch me the way it usually does. This was not the laughter of the innocents, giggling over farts or other funny noises.

This was the laughter of 2 children who finally saw what old really looked like.

Damn it. I'm going to go watch Bugs Bunny until the parents get home. At least they will *always* be older than me.

10:25 p.m. - 2004-02-12


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