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Slave to the Crest Cavity Creeps

I have a small cavity in the fourth tooth to my right of my lower-right middle tooth. No, not that one. No... no... yes, that one. Anyway, it's at the base of the tooth on the right side, and is clearly the result of the poor flossing habits I've had since birth. Because of this hole, my OCD has decided that it should focus on flossing, and now I carry toothpicks with me whereever I go so I can stick a toothpick in that hole.

It's small, just the right size for a toothpick, and deep. I think I can feel the root. And it hurts. When I'm not poking at it incessantly, it's a dull pain that eats at me like an itch I can't scratch. But when I plunge the toothpick in, it becomes a sharp pain not unlike a really deep muscle massage. It's an overload of pain for a short period of time, so that when I remove the toothpick, suddenly my mouth feels great. And once I start, I can't. Stop. Jabbing. Even talking about it makes my cavity scream for pointy attention.

I would imagine this is the same feeling that appeals to the 'M' part of S & M. I don't normally go for the pain because I usually get quite enough of it, thank you. That's what all the pills are for.

And yes, I'm going to the dentist tomorrow, where I can partake of the freely-flowing nitrous and go from the masochistic deviant to the drug-addled deviant I normally am.

4:38 p.m. - 2004-02-02


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