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The day after (or, how to have a completely grown up night out and be home and in bed by 9pm, even though it's your birthday)

In honor of my birthday, my eyesight has decided to fail. First came the blurriness when I was reading online. Luckily, I have reading glasses for just such an occasion. I had needed reading glasses on and off for about a year, so this wasn't a huge deal. Now I just look more studious when I'm reading Fark at work.

But last night, as I was driving home after dark in fog and misty rain on a freeway (where commuters demand a minimum speed of 65 or you are subject to their voodoo curses), my eyes, my windshield wipers and the stupid SUV riding my ass decided to collaborate and make it nearly impossible to see. Anything. I could barely see the black asphalt, let alone the faded, light-absorbing white lines. In one moment of clarity, I saw I was driving only about a foot away from the cement barriers put between the my lane and the oncoming traffic, at approximately 70mph, downhill.

I nearly had about 4 heart attacks, 12 accidents and 3 missed turns. But I only had the one panic attack. It just lasted for the whole commute home.

So, I had Trevor Dunnigan drive us to the restaurant and I drank a lot of rum, though a lot to me isn't much. I get loopy on one drink, and nearly puke after two. So I'm old AND delicate, like grandma's lace only not so stained. Dinner (and the drinks) were delicious. Cake wasn't involved, unless you consider a kick-ass creme de menthe tiramisu a cake? You do? Oh, well, then cake was involved.

I managed to secure a loan from my Credit Union so I could pay off my delinquent American Express bill and save my credit rating. That saves me about $200 a month in payments, but it'll just go to other debts. I would like to think someday I'll have more than a nickel in my savings account, but it seems that's just not my way.

In other news, I've been spending an inordinate amount of time on and giggling. It's fascinating and wonderful, the toys and stories he comes up with. I thank Alex for showing me the way, even if he didn't mean to. That new graphic down there? The monkey battle one? Yeah, his monkey alter-ego beat mine to a pulp.

4:01 p.m. - 2004-01-16


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