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The A and the E

Signs that perhaps you've been watching too many Cold Case Files:

  • You begin to hear Bill Kurtis narrating your every move as you prepare for bed.
  • You've interviewed all your loved ones to hear how they would describe you to reporters after you disappear.
  • You notice that they've used the wrong type of insulin in a re-enactment of an insulin-poisoning case.
  • You're this close to actually buying one of those stupid tempur-pedic beds.

Happy New Year. Being the party animal that I am, I drank a glass of champagne and stayed up to almost 12:30, watching TV. Woo-hoo. We were welcomed into 2004 the next morning with 4 inches of snow, which is nearly unheard of in downtown Portland. Trevor Dunnigan and I ran about the backyard with glee, finally realizing our (meaning: my) dream of seeing what the cats would do in snow. Newman had the best reaction, sproinging through the fluff in three jackrabbit jumps.

There are few things as satisfying as hearing a quiet "thhhhup" of a 14 pound cat being dropped in four inches of powdery snow.

4:44 p.m. - 2004-01-02


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