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No xmas tree, just the sap

Today was supposed to be spent cleaning. I was up by ten to take Trevor Dunnigan to PDX (dammit, why must he always leave me for the holidays?), and then I was to come home and get the house ready for my sister jenniebee's arrival tomorrow.

But? Instead I watched the History Channel and Cold Case Files all day, with a two hour nap with Newman between shows. Throughout the day, I have eaten 2 cookies, a pint of Brownie Batter Ben & Jerry's and four Diet Pepses.

I called J and stated that the house wouldn't be clean for her, and she didn't care (yay, J!).

Yeah, I live a hard life.

I realize that my entry a couple days ago (the one where I was complaining about my company christmas party) made me sound like a spoiled rotten brat, and so I am. Every now and then I remember just how fucking good I have it, and think, just for a moment, that I should forget this journal and start appreciating what I have.

But I like writing, and writing about how good you have it, and how happy you are, can only get you so far. But things? Are really good right now. I love my boyfriend, my home life, my cats and my friends. Portland is a peaceful place, and even the worst traffic here is better than traffic in California.

Sorry my life is so happy and boring right now, but there it is. Let's hope this doesn't jinx me. I'm knocking on all the pressed-wood I can find.

Happy holidays, everyone, you're part of the reason I'm happy.

10:21 p.m. - 2003-12-23


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