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White Elephants

Everyone in the office is bustling about today getting ready for our holiday potluck and gift exchange. I brought cheese and crackers (but not for the gift exchange, I bowed out from that. I think 25 bucks worth of boursin and triscuits is enough). I can't help but be very depressed by the festivities for this holiday season.

Let me explain. I started working for a small software company three years ago, as a database administrator. The company was about 150 people, and very close-knit. Every year, the president of the company threw a big holiday bash at a fancy spot, with an open bar and door prizes, and we all got to see everyone else in their fancy outfits dance drunkenly with their spouses or secret crushes. It was fun.

Then, about a year and a half ago, the company got bought out by BigAssSoftwareCompany. Our office became a satellite office of the HQ in North Carolina, and there were layoffs and transfers and other traumatic things. The president of our company moved to HQ, but still gave us the budget to go ahead with the fancy holiday party last year. It wasn't quite so fancy, and was a little more subdued, but it was fun.

Our assimilation into BASC became complete in June of this year. We are the redheaded stepchildren now, the folks left out of nearly every perk BASC offers its workers. The free childcare, the 35 hour workweek, the company gym and the holiday gala are all denied us out here in the regional office.

We get a potluck in the middle of the day in the break room. Oh, and there will be a bowling party to celebrate the new year in January.

Ah, progress.

Confidential to kefli kef: rec'd package today and am once again delighted. My favorite part is the Human League pin, but only because you said it came from your sister's Patrick Swayze shirt. Expect a "Christmas Card" from me, sadly without swag, but I'll write again soon.

10:41 a.m. - 2003-12-19


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