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Again with the crazy cat lady talk

Sometimes I go upstairs and the cats follow me, mostly because they associate me with food. They don't know I'm not going to whip out a leg of lamb up there.

I spend time upstairs, in the game room, with a beer and the cats. Sometimes watching TV, most times I'm in front of the computer. The cats will rummage around the stuff that's up there, sometimes meowing (if you could call it that. It's mostly a "hhhhaaaaaaaaaaa" or a "myeeeahhhh" depending upon the cat, the Dow Jones average and the tide) but mostly they just sit and stare, waiting for that leg of lamb.

Usually when I head back downstairs, I have to corral the cats down with me, because we keep that room closed if one of us isn't in there. Now, our stairs are narrow and tall, and my cats? Chubby and stumpy.

I wish I could adequately describe what my cats look like as they slowly lurch down each step. It's how they fling first their forward paws, then their back legs down each step, and the sound their little claws make on the hardwood stairs, like beginner tap dancers. It's watching their big fuzzy tummies drag on the stairs, and how careful I know they're being so they don't trip because they know I'm watching them. But the best part is their big ol' cat butts bouncing all the way down that cracks me up the most.

I would like to be home right now to see that. So I think I'm going home. Later, snakes.

3:47 p.m. - 2003-12-17


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