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Oy, the cursing

I was in Rite Aid today (and FUCK ALL Y'ALL, Mr. Fancy Business Man, it's spelled R-I-G-H-T), buying some floss to feed my new obsession with, well, flossing my teeth. I left my entire kit at home today, so I've been running prescription free and cranky because of it. I was worried about my bank balance and how long I could go without paying the cable bill before they come and repossess our zingy-doo.

zingy-doo: 'zi[ng]-E 'dŁ
1: Remote Control for any stereo or video component

Anyway, I was in line at the drugstore with all these things going through my head when I saw the one sentence that would make it all okay. It was a headline on the Weekly World News:

Christmas with Saddam, Osama and Shaved Ape Baby

No, no shhhhhh shhhhhhhhh. I don't need to hear the story. I just want to savor that sentence: 'Christmas with Saddam, Osama and Shaved. Ape. Baby.' Aw, yeah.

But then I think about how much better it would sound on Vicodin and muscle relaxants and I'm back in the real world. Damn. Oh well, for cheering up, you can go to this page, which provides hours of demo-licious fun. And if that won't please your discerning sensibilities, then dig these guys, for those who doubted that ABBA was the best Sweden had to offer.

And I know y'all have been itching for more Estelle Stories, since I've been narratively neglecting her, so here you go: I have found the perfect gift for Estelle this year, in response to her gift to Trevor Dunnigan last year. You know, the book on County Fairs? Ok, I got her three pairs of novelty socks (she loves those things, don't ask me why) and a small calendar of historic train engines.

I don't care if you don't find that funny, because it's fucking hilarious. That is all.

2:22 p.m. - 2003-12-09


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