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Uganda hell, I've gone to lunch

For every day this week, I have nearly fallen asleep at my desk and then moved to the women's restroom and actually taken a nap while sitting on the toilet. This morning I actually slept for 15 minutes before someone came in, waking me with a start.

Then I retun to my desk, rested and ready to "work**."

I was listening to NPR this morning, and heard a very disturbing story about the civil war in Uganda. Apparently there is an lynch mob of rebels who call themselves "The Lord's Resistance Army," hell-bent on removing the government of Uganda by any means necessary. There are at least two things about this group that are really horrible: they abduct children for nefarious reasons and they want to set up a government based on the 10 commandments-- despite the fact that they break at least six of those commandments on a daily basis.

That must make even the missionaries a tad uncomfortable.

But what's interesting, I think, is the predecessor of the LRA, an odd group of people calling themselves "The Holy Spirit Mobile Force," which sounds like a Bibleman spinoff to me. But no, this was a group of people following a dynamic cult leader named Alice, who came up with 20 commandments. Most are the usual "Thou shalt not kill and steal etcetera," but the reporter on NPR pointed out another one that, amidst all the depressing stories of abduction, murder and rape, cracked me up:

"Thou shalt have TWO testicles; no more, no less."

So, you know what comes next:

Two shall be the number of testicles thou shalt have, and the number of the testicles is two. Four shall thou not have, nor either have thou one, excepting that thou also have the other. Five is right out.

The Uganda Civil War: Horrific and silly. And a good Christian war.

**And by work I mean read Fark and Democratic Undergroud***.

***Which I highly recommend.The Top Ten Conservative Idiots section is hilarious.

1:47 p.m. - 2003-12-05


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