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This morning I received an email from "Mimosa Q. Reproof" with the subject line: "likely amazing new farm sex game second." Ok, the beastiality notwithstanding, this sentence just made me laugh. I like the thought of something being "likely amazing," though I refuse to think whatever it is they're selling really is anything other than stupid, disturbing and probably criminal.

Sorry, likely criminal.

I was complimented in my weekly bureaucrat meeting with my boss today, and damn if it didn't spur me on to work harder. It seems wrong of me to react like a good little worker bee to something as transparent as a compliment, but there you have it. Encouragement works on me. Damn.

I found out yesterday that my friend's two sisters each had a baby on the same day, despite being on completely different continents. How weird is that? She got a niece and a nephew on the same day, one American and one a Swede. With xmas, their birthdays, both her sisters' birthdays and her father's (and his twin brother's) birthday all in December, she'll have a hell of a shopping month. I don't envy her.

I wouldn't want to be born in December because you always seem to get slighted in the gift department. My birthday is just long enough after xmas to make sure that anything on my list that I don't get on xmas will come for my birthday. Hee hee.

5:13 p.m. - 2003-12-04


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