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Start seeing motorcycles (driving off cliffs in flames)

I'm not the greatest driver in the world, I'll admit. I think that admission makes me a better driver than a lot of the people out there. I will sheepishly cop to a poorly executed merge or badly timed turn into traffic with a guilty wave and wan smile. But I tend to drive the common speed (that is, I'll drive as fast as everyone else), I use my turn signal, I obey traffic signs and signals and I try to appear to drive politely.

Of course, on the inside I'm seething with a rage that could strip the undercoating off their SUVs, but usually I'm nice to other drivers.

So WHAT THE FUCK did that motorcyclist mean this morning by honking and waving his fist at me as I pulled out into traffic this morning?

I'd made the appropriate stop at the red before starting to turn right. There was no one in the lane I was turning into (the far right lane) for at least three blocks. I saw the motorcyclist, but he was in the middle lane, and still another block and a half away. Everything was fine. I began my turn.

Honk! Honk HONK!!

I slammed on the brakes and looked around startled. My lane was still clear. I continued on.


The motorcycler whizzed by in the lane to my left and shook his fist at me as he passed.

I watched him ride away with my mouth open. Trevor Dunnigan turned to me.

"Um, what was THAT guy's problem?"

EXACTLY. What was that guy's problem? Was he unaware of the legality of turning right on a red light? Did he think he owned BOTH lanes? Was he planning on sliding smoothly into the right lane in order to impress the ladies, and I foiled his plans?

Oh, I hope it's that last one.

So apparently mine is the first page that comes up when you search for "roach rally pants" on Google Finland.

Oh, those Finns are up to something, I bet.

3:12 p.m. - 2003-12-03


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