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A half-assed commentary on G.W Dufus's trip to London.

In 1918, crowds, grateful to [Woodrow Wilson] for his country's help during World War I, had strewn Wilson's path with roses. One can be pretty certain that George W Bush won't get any petal-reception when he arrives in London this week... It would be wise for the visiting president (and his touchingly delusional host) to mind the gap that there is in today's Anglo-American relations.

Hindustan Times, India

I heard on NPR that only 6% of Britons polled would classify George W. Bush as a "World Leader." I've always admired the British people, but maybe in this case they're being too generous.

It's really a shame that Tony Blair got roped into all of this. He seems like a nice guy, and maybe that's his problem. He can't see the world politics through the friendly cigar smoke or something. Have you ever watched the parliament show on CSPAN?** It's crazy-- politicians asking intelligent questions, leaders giving unscripted answers (or, at least, leaders giving answers in complete sentences that make sense and all). I just get the sense that Tony Blair seems to care about, you know, his country and his people rather than money and power and fucking over the masses.

I caught myself in a good mood yesterday, and it took me completely by surprise. I was on my way to workout after work, and was reliving the day's events in my mind as I am wont to do, and I thought to myself: "You know, I think I might have this work thing in hand."

And then I got into work this morning, and it all fell back into stress and crazy mode. Oh well, at least I had yesterday.

Oh! I need to send out a very belated Hoot of Gratitude (tm Medicine Balls, as of right now. Put it right there next to Crotchpoint) to whomever nominated me for "Best Rant" on Diarist.Net. In this case, it truly is an honor just to be nominated. I'm all but certain I won't make it to finalist, but honestly? Doesn't matter. That someone thought to even enter my name is just cool. And nice. And lovely. So thank you!

**OK,OK-- I know it's called "Prime Minister's Questions," I just like "The Parliament Show" better.

3:09 p.m. - 2003-11-18


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