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Pants! Yes, Pants!

I am wearing the most wonderful pair of pants ever. Not only do they already have a story to go with them (and I only got them on Saturday), but they are so soft, it's like wearing cloud pajamas.

And, since they don't look like pajamas I can wear them to work. Woo-hoo!

I'm sorry I had to link to The Gap up there, but I gotta give credit where credit is due. I don't normally shop there (no, really, I don't! Shut up.), but it was an emergency.

You see, Trevor Dunnigan and I went to see the 3pm showing of Elf (Very funny. I just love Will Farrell). I hadn't really had lunch (or breakfast, for that matter, since I got out of bed around noon. I said, shut up.), so I maxxed out the credit card and bought popcorn, a diet coke and some chocolate treats (you know, the kind that come in the crinkliest bag ever, just perfect for a silent movie theater). We watched and enjoyed the movie and the food, then we went to have dinner before the show started.

I ordered the quiche and excused myself to the ladies room. It was then I noticed... the stains. They were approximately 2 cm. in diameter each, mirroring each other on the inseam of each pant leg, just below the crotchpoint of the pants. (Is "crotchpoint" a word? Because it totally should be.) Before y'all go jumping to stain conclusions let me tell you: it was chocolate. Yes, one of the chocolate bits from the crinkly bag had lodged itself neatly between my thighs and been ground into the fabric by my spastic giggles.

It. Looked. Horrible. I skittered back to the table and informed Trevor Dunnigan that we had to go by a store on the way to the show because I needed new pants but quick.

On the way to the store, Trevor Dunnigan noted chocolate stains on his windbreaker, and we decided that if we're ever going to eat chocolate bits at a theater again, we're going to have to kit up as if we were going to a Gallagher show.

So after dinner we walked downtown, blah blah coat-in-front-of-my-crotchcakes, and I found the pants. I'm sorry, that TWoPism didn't work very well. Let's move on.

The show was incredibly fun. We all met up at the front of the line, which began forming right after we got there. There was one woman in front of us, but it turned out she didn't have tickets, so were first and front row center.

That's the way to see Lewis Black, I tell you. His anger is hilarious, but frightening at close range. Now I know why Jon Stewart seems slightly sheepish after each Back in Black segment.

2:16 p.m. - 2003-11-17


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