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So I was going right along just now, working (yes, working!) and all of a sudden my eyes clicked to blurry. Seriously, my head clicked and the world went blurry, like those lens machines at the eye doctor's. This is usually a sign of seriously low blood sugar so I tested my blood, but it was only 71, which isn't all that low. I ate some glucose tabs anyway, but my eyesight isn't any better.

Is that really how eyesight goes bad? With a noticeable click? Weird. Anyway, if there are typos in this entry, it's because I can't really read it well enough to edit, and I left my reading glasses at home. D'oh.

Trevor Dunnigan and I have a date tonight. Whee! We're meeting downtown, having Japanese food for dinner, then going to see "Lost in Translation." I haven't been downtown in a while, seeing as I tend to plant myself on the couch these past few weekends, so I hope we have time to walk around a little. I owe Angeline anecklace from Finnegan's. You wouldn't expect toy stores to have jewelry, but they have a separate store for the retro-kitsch all the kids these days are buying.

I can't wait for this workday to be over. As you may have been able to tell from my past few entries, work has pretty much sucked lately. People keep asking me if I've updated my resume, but I don't want another job. I just want to do this one well enough to not get yelled at every day. Is that so much to ask? Really? Oh.

I never delivered the denouement for my car accident, so here it is. Sorry about the tardiness. I got a call from State Farm, the perpetrator's insurance, saying that yes, they were paying for everything, so I could take my car to Precision and they'd get me a rental car while it was being worked on. Precision took a WEEK to fix that little dent in the wheel well, so I had ten days of driving a shiny new Toyota Corolla. I felt like I was driving a marshmallow, with everything all soft and rounded like that. My little Civic is skinny and pointy compared to a Corolla. It was fun, but I'm glad to have my car back.

There. Wasn't that worth waiting for? Wait- don't answer that.

Have a nice weekend, y'all...

2:03 p.m. - 2003-11-07


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