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Goodbye, Joe.

Not a soul has entered my Why Emily is a Distasteful Member of Society. C'mon, people! Put those thinking caps on and tell me what's wrong with me. You're all creative people! Insult me wildly and get a prize!

That's enough exclamation points for one entry. I have finally gotten my notify list up. Please see the bottom of this page and sign up...if you dare.

I am very excited to see the finale of The Joe Schmo Show tonight, assuming I can stay up that late. I love the idea of actors and reality show contestants intermingling, like in The Mole or Murder in Small Town X (totally underrated show). I just really like improvisational acting, whether it's comedy or not. Being someone who is lousy at thinking on her feet, I think I can appreciate people who do it extremely well. And Joe Schmo must have been even harder, since they were doing it full time. I can't wait to see Matt interact with the actors as themselves. They all seem very cool.

And there's a quote from Brian in today's Oregonian that just proves how cool he is:

And will there be a "Joe Schmo 2?" It's already in production, said Etheridge.

"We found this big, dumb, good-looking Austrian guy and elected him governor of California," Etheridge explained. "He thinks he's governor, but we're actually Schmoing him. The whole state's in on it."

If only.

4:13 p.m. - 2003-10-28


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