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Old Favorites and New Heroes (or, More Than a Cold, Yet Not Quite the Flu)

I once went to a concert where I met Duncan Sheik. It happened to be a Duncan Sheik concert, but that's not important right now. He had a cold, and during our minute and a half conversation, he blew his nose twice. Shortly thereafter, I got sick. It comforted me to think I had a kinda famous cold.

So, I'm pretending one of the big name journallers (or bloggers, if you're going to be that way) brought to JournalCon a cold, and I took it home as a momento.

I went to JournalCon with several aims in mind. I wanted to make M. Giant laugh. I wanted to talk bookstores with Monty. I wanted to meet Omar just to see if he was really as cute as his writing makes him out to be. And I wanted to meet new people.

I don't mean to name drop, but I've been crushing on M.Giant for years now. His writing is just so, so good. So I really couldn't help myself whenever he walked into the room. Over the course of the weekend, I probably appeared at his elbow more times than was comfortable and I gave him every kind of swag I had, plus my credit card numbers and the deed to my car. Luckily, he is a really good sport. But I did make him laugh, hopefully not entirely against his will.

I accosted Monty shortly upon his arrival Friday night and, since I had nothing note-worthy to say to him, talked about bookstores. He got distracted before I could invite myself along on a trip to Bookpeople, but that's probably for the best. I ended up in a group photo that's on his site today, so I win. Ha.

I think I spoke to Omar once, in a drunken crowd at the Karaoke bar. He was trying to pass me on the way to the bar, and I stopped him with my left arm held out.

"See my new tattoo?!?"

I think his response was "Wow." Earlier that night we had seen a video he made with Latino Comedy Project that was really funny, and I meant to compliment him on it, but as I recall I just smiled mutely at him until he walked away. He is as cute as his writing implies.

And I did meet a lot of new people. Someday, I will update this damn template to include links to all my new best friends and add a notify list (because there are readers outside diaryland. Huh.) But until then, you'll have to follow this link here and then go to this one. Then go back here, even though I mentioned him in my last entry. Go here too.

And I got a tattoo. It looks like this:

I've worn myself out now, with the coughing and the typing. I will write more later about my cool roommate, a few of my New Best Friends and maybe something about something other than JournalCon.

10:43 a.m. - 2003-10-22


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