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Last week I started taking yoga. I can only take it once a week, which everyone tells me isn't enough, but it's better than nothing, isn't it? It's certainly more painful than nothing.

To say that I am not limber doesn't even begin to cover it. The instructor, a tall and gracefully balding older gentleman, doesn't come by to correct my positions as much as he does some others in the group, but I think he's just given up on me already.

Not only that, but I'm clumsy as well. I managed to fall over during "Downward facing dog," which not only made a nice loud "thump" but also a "splash" (water bottle falling over), a "squeak" (sweaty foot slipping on the nice, waxed gym floor) and a "Yikes."

****We interrupt this amusing story to bring you an angry rant*****

I just got back from getting an estimate on my car. I called the guy (you know, the one who backed into me) and he went off about how this was no one's fault and his insurance said we would go 50-50 on it and how the quote was way to expensive and I need to take it to some guy he knows who will fix it cheap and he was going to call his insurance and call me back.

I fully plan on siccing my insurance guy on him, if he'd just call me back.

I reiterate, dumbass min-van driving motherfucker, YOU backed into ME. YOUR fault. As jenniebee says, it was his responsibility to see me.

It's all just a pain in the ass.

It could be worse, though. Precision, the people I'm taking it to, will deal with everything including the rental car while it's in being fixed. So it's been made pretty easy for me, but still. Argh. Argh. Argh.

Well, now I don't feel like bringing the yoga funny. Sorry, dudes.

Confidential to shannonk: You totally shouldn't have IM'd me. Now I'm staring at my computer waiting for you to write, and you don't and it's killing me! Don't make me go all stalker on you. Log on! I'm lonely!

2:28 p.m. - 2003-10-14


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