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Go ahead and skip this one.

I don't even know why I'm bothering to have an entry today. There is nothing going on in my life or in my head to warrant an entry. The highlight of yesterday was my three hour nap. And today, it will be the sandwich Trevor Dunnigan brings home for me.

I can talk about what I was going to do this weekend. I was going to clean the house. I was going to make a new banner for this site. I was going to pull out my winter clothes from the closet because suddenly it's fall. But I've done none of that in favor of lying around watching football and the History channel.

What is it that makes me feel so guilty about doing nothing? Why aren't I allowed to relax? Well, my problem is that I do nothing all the time. I'm not known for my work ethic, and I'm not that good a housekeeper.

And clearly, I'm not that great a writer either. Sorry for the stupid entry. I'm going back downstairs to eat Frango mints and watch documentaries about Nazis.

3:31 p.m. - 2003-10-12


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