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On pants and dirty exercises.

I got to wear my pajamas to work today.

Our office is fairly casual, but usually I do wear real pants. Today, though, I had physical therapy at 7:30 in the morning, and it's easier for Ben to massage me when he's not struggling with my pants. That sounds worse than it should. Anyway, this morning I forgot to bring work-appropriate replacement pants, so I've actually been comfortable while working today.

No one has said anything, and that's a really bad precedent to set. I'm one of those who takes miles when given inches (so keep that in mind, boys-- heh.) I may be wearing evening pants and comfy shirts to work from now on. Now all I need is a cat in my lap.

"Work-Appropriate Replacement Pants" is the name of my next album, by the way.

I apologize to jenniebee, she's already heard this round of jokes.

Not much else to report here. I'm not thrilled with the Friday Five today, so I'm not doing it. I'm $200 overdrawn in my bank account. My blood sugar hit 400 today (but it's back down now). And our office had a two-hour power outtage this morning. We were all kinda hoping that it fried all our machines, just to piss off the head office, but everything's fine. I was told by LittleCrazy that if my servers were hosed I'd have to spend the weekend getting them back up, but luckily they're fine too.

I am more excited than is healthy for this trip to JournalCon. shannonk and I have been planning our attack and finding out that we have almost too much in common. I just know before too long we'll find some guy in common, and it scares me. I've already ruled out the most frightening one (I call him Captain Candyass, because that's what he is), but there are other possibilities. And we're hoping to each get a tattoo. I'm praying I have the money for that. Everyone? Pray with me please, c/o The Gods of all the Money stuff, Boston, Massachussetts, 02134. Thank you.

Man, I almost forgot! I had a TOTALLY Uncomfortable discussion with my Physical Therapist today. He was talking about excercises I need to do to strengthen my back muscles and said

"Have you heard of the Kegel exercise?"

Uncomfortable silence.

"Um, yeah."

Uncomfortable silence.

"Well, do you know what that is for?"

Uncomfortable silence. I mean, I KNOW what it's FOR. But I'm *not* going to announce to my cute therapist guy that I've been taking COSMO advice for ten years so I can have better ORGASMS. So I said "no."

He just stared at me with a little grin on his face and we both knew I was lying, lying lying. But he took the high road and started talking about "pelvic floors" and whatnot. But still, it was really very unsettling.

For those of you who DON'T know what the Kegel excercise is, go buy a COSMO. There's an article in every issue.

Well, this entry has been all over the place. Sorry about that. I'm gonna pop more pills and pretend to work until it's time to go home and drink. See ya next time on the Muppet Show.

3:41 p.m. - 2003-10-10


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