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Sugar and politics

So, no sooner do I break up with California when I'm pointed to this article, which proves I've been just as naive as California voters when it comes to that lunkhead. Oy, now I want to break up with this whole country.

In other news, my blood sugar has been out of control lately. Literally. It doesn't seem to matter how much insulin I take or how much I do or what I eat. My sugars have been crazy high for three weeks, except at those inexplicable times when I nearly pass out from the hypoglycemia. I was at the doctor's today (not my normal doctor-- this was a William H. Macy doppleganger with a sidekick, a medical student named Eric with strangely hypnotic JBF hair, a crooked smile and Paul Newman eyes), trying to explain that my blood sugars have been really high, when I had an insulin reaction. How stupid is that? I ate a normal lunch, what the hell is going on? They were confused too, I tell you what.

Hmph. Now I'm cranky. But at least it's stormy outside, and that means it's cold enough at night that all the cats cuddle close. Trevor Dunnigan said I was wearing cat earmuffs when he came to bed last night-- a torby* to the left of me, tabby to the right. He said I was like a sleepy little peace keeper, keeping Ariel and Yasser** apart, the joke being that they normally fight non-stop. We think it's because Tbone can't accept her tabby roots, and Newman's all in her face with Tabby Power and shit. Or maybe they're just cats.

*A torby is a tortoiseshell-tabby mix. They look like this.

**(Do you think Sharon ever calls him a Yasshole? And does he counter with Little Mermaid jokes?)

4:47 p.m. - 2003-10-09


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