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It's over.

Dear California:

That's it. I've had enough. I'm leaving you for good. I know I've been with Oregon lately, and I really like Oregon, but you've always had a special place in my heart: My First State. And even though you gave me Proposition 13, I still loved you. My heart really was in San Francisco. Remeber the Pacific Ocean? That was lovely. And the mountains? Devine. I thought you were everything I ever wanted from a State. Then you started hanging out with that Reagan guy. I was hurt, but I still stuck with you, even though you stopped caring about things that I cared about, like education and health care and homeless people. Because you were too starry-eyed over that actor. The one who raped your shores for oil and had a paranoid obsession with non-existent commies.

I had an opportunity to leave you after high school, but I didn't. I even headed south, so I could be closer to your interests. I've never really gotten along with the sun, but you and she were tight, so I thought maybe I could be closer to you by accepting her. I'll spare you the burn joke and just tell you the Sun is one thing I don't miss about you.

But now this happens. How could you? How could you let a cynical, repugnant amoral GOP sweet-talk you into him? First of all, he's liberal in many ways: pro-choice, pro-gay rights, obviously pro-drugs. Mrs. Reagan must be rolling over in her ranch house. The GOP is obviously counting on his name-recognition and clear lack of policy to sweet-talk you with nefarious promises that will only hurt you. You're too close to see it, but he's just a big, empty puppet and he'll leave you as broken as one of those things in his movies.

I'm really sorry. I didn't want to do this. I know you're having a hard time in this economy. But honestly, you're no worse off than any other state-- why did you have to get so drastic? I cannot abide this.

I'm just so disappointed in you, California. You've got some good qualities, but I can't be seen with you anymore. I'm Oregon's now.

Shame on you, California. Shame. On. You.



3:59 p.m. - 2003-10-08


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