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I am watching a crazy Baptist sermon on public access, and it is making me so horny. This wacko is going on about the dangers of letting kids "go steady" too soon and all I want to do is fuck like a rabbit with this shit in the background. Trevor Dunnigan's not game, though. Damn. Right now, this bastard on TV is talking about how expensive it is to have a wife, what with the perfume and the make up and the permanents and all. It's fascinating.

I can't even begin to tell you what this asshole is going on about. He's throwing out absurd statistics ("there are more illegitimate children being born to-day than children within the bounds of marriage."). He can't talk about a woman without bringing up make-up and perfume and how all women think about is catching a husband. Gosh, that's *totally* what Jesus would do.

I'm proud (?) to say that this jackass is Oregon based! Closed-minded, sexist, hate-filled, ridiculous and naive crap courtesy of the Grand View Baptist Church.

I'm still horny, even though the sermon is over, and public access TV is now showing us a scruffy guy standing behind a stack of books talking conspiracy. That's it. I'm finishing my liter of cider and and making my move.

11:12 p.m. - 2003-10-04


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