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That schnapps hasn't helped yet

I'm writing this during the commercial breaks for Angel. Well, I'm sorry. I've had a long fucking day. I deserve some undead funny.

Today was another hellish day at the office and tomorrow promises to be worse. I'm stopping by the liquor store tomorrow as soon as it opens (seeing as I got paid yesterday) and stocking up.

I've been spending so much time complaining about my job that I've forgotten all about the medical shit.

Ben, my cute physical therapist, has given me yoga to help with the searing tightness in my right shoulder, which is where I apparently store all my Big- and Little-Crazy hatred. It's been killing me and none of my magic pills help it. You can imagine the mood it puts me in.

And on that note...

9:45 p.m. - 2003-10-01


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