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My savior in a tan tablet

I had a wonderful visit to my new physical therapist yesterday, but it was a shame to waste my newfound relaxation on the commute home. I work 15 miles down a crappy ass freeway from my house, and since I spend a majority of my life at work, I have chosen doctors and pharmacies who are situated near my office. So when I go to a therapist who gives me a back massage AND wraps me in a warm towel cocoon for 20 minutes, the therapy is wasted because I tense up again the minute I get on the freeway.

Oh well. He's cute, my therapist. Was a bit taken aback by my medical history (as are most folks), but was sympathetic and laughed at all my jokes. The massage was good, but I didn't think it proper on my first visit to scream "harder, ooh-- harder still!" Maybe next time.

Got home in time to see the fiasco that was Big Brother 4. Could the jury have been on any higher horse? Could they have been any more holier-than-thou? Everyone talking about lying and cheating like they weren't doing the same thing, just not as well. This ain't no pope election, folks. I realized I hated every single person on that show and didn't give a damn who won. Though it was kinda funny that they had people vote and then showed them the show, with all the racist and sexist shit that came out of everybody's mouths. They should have given the money to that guy from Joe Schmoe. He deserves $500K.

The Zoloft is helping my mood a lot. I'm going to call my therapist tomorrow and ask for another prescription. I really am feeling like that little purple rock, all; bouncy and smiling at butterflies. Miracle of modern medicine, I tell you what.

4:15 p.m. - 2003-09-25


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