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And nothing but the tooth

My temporary crown broke off today whilst I was eating a cracker. I thought they were supposed to be heartier than that. But no, my nightmares came true today, the ones where I bite something and feel a pulling on my gums; the ones where I hear a *shnk* as I bite down and taste the burning taste of drilled tooth; the ones where I almost break a tooth on the tooth (or more accurately, fauz-tooth) that's free-floating in my mouth. Ew.

And so I get to go back to the dentist again, before the scheduled permanent crown that I cannot afford appointment, to get the temporary crown reattached so I can come in after the weekend and get the real thing, which I cannot afford.

I'm feeling better today. Well, not as cranky anyway. I re-thought all the drugs I'd been on in the past and remembered that Zoloft worked pretty well, and the only reason I had stopped that was because it wasn't helping me sleep. Since I'm thoroughly addicted to Ambien with my doctor's blessing, I'm going to go back on it. It's already helping. I'll suggest it to my therapist next week if things go well. I think I may even have a refill left. That'd be nice.

I'm seeing a new physical therapist this evening. I really liked the one I used to have, but my prescription of him ran out, and when I went looking for him again this time, I found their office had moved without leaving a forwarding address. Rats. He was a very nice, very Mormon kid. They always seem so young and wholesome, don't they?White bread, helpful, good to his mother, 12 million kids, all those nice Mormon qualities. Even if you overlooked all those clues, you could tell he was a Mormon just from the spelling of his name. Why are they all named Aron?

Meh-- I'm not very happy with this entry. I still have a page and a half left to write for JournalCon, but I've hit what we writers like to call "a wall." I can't "think" of anything worthy to "write" about. Sorry if I lost you in that flurry of writerspeak. When you aspire to be something, sometimes it helps to act like you already are one.

It would also help if I had some talent. Ah, well.

3:37 p.m. - 2003-09-24


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