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Yearrrggh this be all the pirate you're gettin' today, matey

Because I can't do it all entry. I just can't. I've got bigger decks to swab.

I've been at home curled up in a ball for the past two days due to either the stomach flu or a bad pie from the discount Hostess store. Either way, ugh. The cats were happy I was home to nap with them, and nap I did. Furiously. Hence, no entry. I was mad nappin'.

But, see, I've got money woes. Oh, boy am I screwed. My AmEx bill is more than my paycheck this month. That's bad, right? So, I'm beyond caring about my credit history, but if you don't pay the dentist, can they take the crown back? And the IRS-- if I miss a payment, does that make me a terrorist? And I wonder why all my dreams are apocalyptic.

And here's the worst part. I get paid pretty well for what I do. And yet, I can't budget to save my life. I used to live in a crappy flat in SAN FRANCISCO paying the same rent I do now, and I used to make $25k a year. How the hell did I do that? I don't remember subsisting on ramen and soda crackers, but I guess I must have. They ain't kiddin'-- those Ritz crackers are pricey. I just hope they have DSL in debtors' prison.

I'm keeping this one short because I have to write 6 pages for a JournalCon break-out session. I knew we were going to have to submit writing, but for some reason I didn't think to write anything. Because, you see, I'm a dufus like that.

2:42 p.m. - 2003-09-19


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