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This is what I've been doing lately

  • Discussing with Trevor Dunnigan what our cats would say to the Pet Psychic. We're both in agreement that Phlyd would just ask "When's dinner?" But the other two are more difficult to read.
  • Wrote in my blog today that my mood was "awake." Right after I posted that? I got really sleepy.
  • Listening non-stop to Neko Case's Blacklisted. I hadn't realized she was from the New Pornographers, which means I've seen her perform. They were at the last South by Southwest I went to, the one where I realized I hate hate hate hate HATE crowds. But it was in Austin, which is a great little city. I'll be there in a month at JournalCon. So can't wait for that. Let's hope my hatred of crowds doesn't rear its ugly, ugly noggin.
  • Not working. The vacation vibe still weighs heavily upon me, so I've been chatting and blogging and reading and not at all working. That ought to look good on my status report tomorrow.
  • Thinking about a litter of kittens our cat had when I was eight years old. There were two grey kittens, two black kittens and two black and white kittens. Their names? Chuck, Patty, Finklestein, Beetlebomb, Zonker and CryBaby Booby. This would be another reason I cannot be trusted to have a child.
  • Thinking about The Joe Schmo Show. It's really good. It's done by the same people who did The Mole, and the schtick is that everyone is an actor except this one poor guy from Pittsburgh. They really did find the perfect Everyman for the show, though he is definitely not a typical reality show contestant. He reminds me of a roommate I had in San Francisco, and also of a guy I currently work with. I'm trying to figure out if I go tell him this show reminded me of him, is that rude? Will he take offense? Well, let's find out...and he's not at his desk. I guess we'll just never know...

Well, I'm sorry this is kind of a sucky entry. What can I say? I have a headache. Maybe this will help explain:

Nightly Freakout
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2:05 p.m. - 2003-09-10


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