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So, I have returned from the great caffeinated North, with Trevor Dunnigan one year older and me deeper in debt. The trip was great fun. I was bummed mrs-roboto couldn't be there to hang with us, but she had important things to do in New York.

We stayed at the Inn at Queen Anne, as the Mrs. had suggested. It was quite cozy. We have a habit of staying just outside the Queen Anne district when we go to Seattle, on account of the liquor store and the fancy groceries, and we found ourselves next door to the liquor store and across the street from the grocery. We were made for the Inn at Queen Anne.

Our room, a converted apartment made for tiny people.
And yes, that's my Trev!

The bathroom, which was smaller than the closet, had the tiniest tub I've ever seen. Phlyd would fill it up. The kitchen, slightly larger than the bathroom, but still smaller than the closet by half, had a drawer for steak knives.And damn, if I hadn't left mine at home!

Another view, and more ass!

We spent a lot of time taking the Monorail (Monorail! Monorail!) dowtown to go shopping. I spent a lot of money on things I could buy here, like t-shirts and a watch.

Me in my new favorite shirt.

We saw the Seahawks rage mightily against the Saints. The new stadium is nice, but the seats were almost too small for me. I don't think they took into account the average ass size of a normal football fan. I spent the whole game desperately trying to avoid the side gut of the big bearded oaf next to me. Who came to the game alone. Yeah.

But all in all, Seattle was fun. I'm still kinda worn out by the whole trip, which explains the lackluster storytelling in today's episode of Medicine Balls Seattle Tour: '03 but, at least I bring you something new: Trevor Dunnigan butt! You lucky dogs!

3:32 p.m. - 2003-09-09


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