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I am the kind of person who never finishes her sentences. It's not because I'm trying to be coy, it's because I forget words. Simple words, like "coy." Funny, the words that I never forget are words like "fuck" and "shit" and "president motherfucking jackass." Huh. Well, the mind degenerates in mysterious ways.

I feel particularly satisfied today, as I got the recycling and garbage ready to take out, and built a chest of drawers and three cubes. I love the Ikea stuff that you have to build yourself with the little wooden dowels and the Allen wrench. I feel so...handy. I will have a time trying to convince Trevor Dunnigan to put his T-shirts and boxers in large cubes instead of drawers, but I believe I will prevail. That way I get the drawer space in the staging area he vacates, and we won't look like we're a laundry service all the time.


These headaches are getting to be too much. I'm getting off the verb medicine and back on the fat stuff. I can't be getting up out of my chair every three minutes because computing gives me a headache, it's my fucking job.

I'll buy new pants.

8:43 p.m. - 2003-08-21


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