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Should I take the belly dancing class? To go with my drinking?

Well, I can't seem to keep these headaches away without copious drugs and alcohol. But that's not a warning sign, I'm sure. I suspect this must also be why I'm getting into Shag art as well-- it just screams drugs and alcohol. I usually don't drink fruity drinks from tiki glasses but I may start. I like to mix things up a bit (although, not literally. I like my drinks poured straight from a bottle or flask, usually).

It's been very hard at work, and I've only been there a total of a day and a half this week. Man, I don't wanna be that Woman with all the Headaches. Aside from our office already having several, I'd like to think I'm too young for this sort of thing. I should call in sick with Hangovers! And Mono! Not a headache and a bad back.

I am tired already of the California recall. Stop being such sore damn losers. I'd recall Bush in a second, but we don't get to vote in Supreme Court decisions. Ah, fuck it. I'm going back to bed.

And mind you, it's four in the afternoon. But at least this restores a little faith (heh).

4:36 p.m. - 2003-08-22


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