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The aftermath

I guess the best thing was how much easier the day with Estelle went after I talked to Mom. It was like for the first time, Mom understood what we, her family, put up with for her. It's like Estelle's snippy comments about the grey hair, her back-handed "concern" for my health, her constant barrage of "me me me me me" suddenly became merely old and tiresome, rather than doorways to held-in rage and murderous contempt.

It was nice to tell Mom that we all couldn't stand Estelle, that we were worried Mom was in what seemed to be an emotionally abusive relationship, and that we have reconvened after every get together for 21 years in order to debrief and decompress after spending a day with That Woman.

It was good to hear Mom recognize that Estelle is narcissistic, tactless and annoying. It was good to tell Mom all about my illnesses, and explain my finances, and express my frustrations.

It was good. Wow.

It was good.

11:00 p.m. - 2003-08-16


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