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Avast array of topics today

I must keep this short because I've already taken my nightly cocktail of pills and will shortly pass out regardless of whether or not I'm actually in bed.

But today was a splendid day with Trevor Dunnigan. We started out by sleeping in, waking up in fits and starts, always curled around a different cat or body part. I love that shit.

Then we went to breakfast at the place down the street. It opened up maybe two months ago, and the waitress/owner remembers us every time, asking us today if we'd "like [our] regular table" and reminiscing with us about our orders on the previous visits. It was a little weird.

Then we headed out on public transit to the zoo, where we pointed at the animals and categorized them into the three archetypes of our lives: Phlyd, Tbone and Newman. Bears? Phlyds. Owls? Tbones. Tigers? Newmans. It got more difficult when we got to the monkeys, birds and reptiles, but, just so you know, Phlyds, Tbones, and Tbones.

Then we headed back downtown for dinner and a movie. We couldn't resist, we saw Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. It has the guy from Coupling in it, as well as one from The Office and, of course, Johnny Depp. It was a very fun film, far funnier and sillier than they let on in the clips, which is a pleasant surprise.

The Australians in the movie were fabulous, as expected, but I have to say Johnny Depp did a fine, fine job. Best entrance in a movie I've seen in a while, and a good accent. He's come a long way.

10:40 p.m. - 2003-07-12


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