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It hurts

I have been trying, really hard, to not be in pain. Surprisingly, my resolve has not made me feel any better. I have now decided that generic ibuprofen should be enough for me. Just Say No to Vicodin! Cause Otherwise You Won't Have Any Left After Next Tuesday!

Not a very pithy bumpersticker, but it is a convincing argument.

So far, I've taken the ibuprofen and so far, I've felt like crap. I did get some work done, and I have been well enough to play a few games of Fluxx, but all in all I've felt pretty crappy with a capital K.

So I'll leave soon to go work out, hoping that my two miles of walking and 100 crunches will help me feel better.

I'm so smart.

I don't think this anti-depressant stuff is working anymore. I've been shopping like it's Xanax. And I totally can't afford it. I put far too much on my AmEx card, and then, because you have to pay it off every month, end up not having enough money left over to buy food and what not, so I put it on my AmEx card, and then... I think you see my problem.

I like the AmEx card because I don't have to worry about being turned away at the swipey-machine. As long as I pay, I will always be able to buy. It's simple, I know, but I've never been good at math, so my credit card use is very much at a simpleton's level.

I'm so bad at math, I can't do math in my head and drive at the same time because I'll run red lights and miss freeway exits. And this isn't calculus I'm trying to do, folks. It's stuff like "I wonder how old so-and-so was when I was a freshman in high school?"

You know, those important rhetorical questions. See? I'm a philosopher to. You Kant tell me I'm not!


4:42 p.m. - 2003-07-10


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