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The firemen and Baldy

I have again begun to go crazy on eBay, bidding on things I neither need nor will use. But somehow, seeing them there on eBay, wanted by others, makes me click. Bid! Outbid! Rebid!Biddly-ding-dong! BAM! And it's mine. That lovely 1967 Fisher-Price Barn Wood Barn, with farm animals, farmer, grain silo and barn that moos when you open it.

How do I know it moos? Because this was one of my favorite things to play with as a child. We had a SHITload of Fisher-Price stuff when I was growing up. Mostly the old-fashioned wooden kind, but some of the newer (say, early-70s) plastic kind as well. We had the Sesame Street set, and the castle, and the white bread, all-American suburban dream house (with little plastic bathroom fixtures, but no bathroom). And every new set we got came with more little people. We had entire counties of little people. The balding men in the green outfits? The ones who reminded me of Dick Martin? We had dozens.

Am I right, or am I right?

Anyway, we had so many of that guy we started a fire department out of the old farm (had I been slightly older, I would have started a frat. Now, thanks to eBay, I can start_that_frat). And we named them:

Tom, Dick, Harry, Ike, Mike and Baldy.

We gave them name tags. They went everywhere together. Tom, Dick and Harry were the old-fashioned wooden kind. Ike and Mike were newer, plastic models, and I always imagined them to be exchange students from the norseland. And Baldy, well, he'd been chewed up by one or more family dogs. Baldy wasn't really very popular with the other firemen. Baldy was a hanger-on. Baldy kinda needed a bath.

I buy these now because I don't have enough money to buy that fancy car and date the 22 year old stewardess/model, and I have to express my midlife crisis somehow.

4:53 p.m. - 2003-07-08


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