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Random acts of crap

Hume Cronyn is number three. Bummer. Well, at least he got a crow in the Simpsons named after him.

And props go out to pixie-42's unyeilding bravery in allowing me to send out a giftienvelope! No, I don't like that name. Let's call it an... emvelope!

Because my name is Emily. Perhaps I failed to mention that earlier. Sorry.

And on a related note, mrs-roboto got hers, and you can read all about her delight in my guestbook.

Well, my weekend was nearly a complete loss. I was feeling so crappy that I had to bail on the Pride parade, but I knew somehow that putting myself in the hot sun in a crowd wouldn't make me feel any better. I think I ended up taking 4 naps this weekend, and still wanting more. That can't be a good sign. I did some weeding, which brought on the sneezes, and... that's about it. Aren't you glad you checked out this entry? So worth it!

Felt crappy all day today as well, but I've taken some vicodin and will try working out. Maybe, just maybe that will get some fire back in my veins.

And if that doesn't work, I'll grab some ben gay and settle for fire in my loins. HA!

5:09 p.m. - 2003-06-16


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