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The in-laws

This was a tiring weekend, on account of Trevor Dunnigan's parents. Not that I don't like hanging out with them, although Dad Dunnigan can ramble on about the most tedious subjects ("Your father's from Oklahoma, you say? Did he take US40 to get there from here? Interesting highway, Interstate 40, you see it starts, or ends-- heh heh-- at Barstow, in Nevada? Well, it's funny, you know, Interstate 40 is also Route 66, you know..." ad infinitum), but when visitors are in town they want to do so much more than I am used to in a day.

You see, I'm a sitter. I like to sit and watch, or read, or play. I'm not so good at the sightseeing and the eating out and whatnot.

Not to mention that all the Dunnigans seem to have similar outlooks when it comes to making decisions. Meaning, they don't really like to make them. So, come mealtime, it's a tad difficult to get anyone to admit to having any druthers about where they might want to eat. That can get tiring for three meals a day plus snacks. Add this to Dad Dunnigan being slightly deaf and Mom and Trevor both being low talkers, and there is a lot of empty dialogue:

Mom: You hungry?
Dad: Blue nunnery?
Trevor: Oh geez...
Dad: Oh, am I hungry? Well, I don't know. What about you Evan?
Trevor: Trevor.
Trevor: No, Trevor.
Dad: Well, Trevor's not hungry. Say, is that the Max?
Mom: You're not hungry Trevor? I thought you said you were hungry?
Dad: Is that the Max, Evan? Timmy? Trevor?
Trevor: I didn't say I wasn't hungry. Yes, Dad, that's the Max.
Dad: Does the Max always have two cars?

Again, ad infinitum.

So, my weekend was not restful. I felt like a tourist because we did the requisite visit to Powell's and I bought a pile of books. I never buy more than one, because I mean, I live here. If I indulged my book buying urge every time I went to Powell's I'd own a library by now. But I found an antarctic book that I hadn't seen available, and I got a book about how the pharmaceutical industry is ripping off the world, and I finally remembered the title of a book on Admiral Nelson that Trevor had gotten from the library two years ago that I started but never finished, so I got that too. So I spent money I don't have on books I won't read, and I still have stuff to get on Tuesday (Old School! Radiohead! Yay!). Grr. Argh.

And now work will be starting in a few short hours and I didn't get any rest. Phooey. Good night.

10:11 p.m. - 2003-06-08


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