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AFV lost out again

I was hit in the head last night with my own pop fly during softball practice, so the fact that I can’t think of any good topics for today’s entry should surprise no one. I’ve asked around, but my cohorts can only suggest mundane things like “How did you feel about your last one-night stand,” or “What’s your favorite fuzzy fruit?”

Regret…Kiwi. Next?

It’s hotter than hell here, and by that I mean “Over 70 degrees fahrenheit,” so I’ve had to mow my legs and start wearing skirts. Come on now, people! I didn’t move to the gloomy NorthWest to show my pasty white legs!

You know, some people can make their entries one or two lines, one or two words even, and get away with it.

But not me. I have to use a template with all those boxes on the side. Dammit.

2:42 p.m. - 2003-06-05


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