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I went with my friend Tse from work to the Matchbox Twenty concert last night, and it was actually pretty good. I was reminded of the show I went to in 1984. My sister and I went to see Day on the Green, with The Fixx, Madness, The Thompson Twins, Oingo Boingo and The Police. It was great. Since I was only 14, my mother, Estelle and my uncle went along, though they didnít sit with us.

I now know what they must have felt like in that stadium full of screaming teenagers. The people at that show last night who were my age were either parents bringing their kids or drunk and desperately clinging to their last shreds of youth through prolongued hooting. And not being very successful.

Let me tell you, there are few things creepier than seeing a tubby twelve year old girl in half shirt and her botoxed bleach-blonde mother rockiní out to the same song.

But I enjoyed the show. Tse has decided to be in love with Rob Thomas, but I liked the guitar player better, since he was wearing crimson corderoy pants and looked vaguely like the blonde guy from Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place (yes, I know they changed the name, but youíve gotta give the pizza place its due). I realized while people watching last night that I have stopped being one of those girls (thanks the gods). You know the ones Ė they dress to the nines and slink down the stadium steps in hopes of catching a bandmemberís eye and being invited backstage. Like thatís going to happen in a stadium that holds 20000 people. And even if it did, youíd most likely just get stuck having to slobber on the bass player. Ew.

I think I only did that at one show. And I donít even remember what that show was. Maybe Thomas Dolby. Oh, and a local band that my roommate was in because I wanted to seduce the drummer (donít ask me why). Letís just say I learned my lesson there.

12:29 p.m. - 2003-06-04


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